Our Selection of the Best Mobile Betting Apps for the UK Market

The quality of the Mobile Betting Apps is guaranteed in the UK. Keeping in mind that in the United Kingdom there are more than sixty-two million mobile phones (more than the people) it shouldn’t be a surprise that the majority of bookies have extended their services and added mobile platforms.

And it is not just about mobile phones. Fifty percent of the households have Android tablets, iPads and similar devices. Many internet punters love the opportunity to place a bet when they are out of home and this is the reason that the mobile betting option of a bookmaker has become essential.

In this section, you will discover mobile apps reviews offered by various companies and also what to consider when selecting an app. Undoubtedly, each app comes with its specific advantages and disadvantages, for example, some of them provide great bonuses and others are suitable for football betting. Understandably, you have to make a comparison between them and select the most suitable for your betting style.

What to Consider in a Betting App?

There are several features to look for when selecting Mobile Betting Apps. We have covered those features in our reviews so you are able to make the best choice for you and get an useful information from the step by step detailed guide regarding the installation of the best mobile apps.

Layout and Interface

mobile betting apps bet365In this category, the simplicity of the app’s use is considered, does it have a burdensome or easy navigation, can you access smoothly the markets and can you place a bet quickly without too much wandering and time waste. We will also provide you an information about any customization options that you are able to use.

Available Features

We provide a comprehensive covering about what is offered to the users by each app. Does the app support live streaming and does it have In-Play console? How many languages are provided and on which devices the app could be run? If there are any other important features offered that it is useful to have information about, you can certainly find them here.

Bonuses Offered

There are bookmakers that provide certain bonuses with their Mobile Betting Apps or you have the choice to use just the welcome bonus. Regardless what opportunity you are offered for free money, we will let you know about it and offer you an useful information about how to get it. Most of the bettors are not too excited about promotions because all bookies offer them. In regards to online bonuses, there are just few who are able to afford this luxury and we give them bonus points in the total score.

And not only the promotions are important. Every customer would like the app to be quick, smooth and responsive. Despite that the layout and navigation is a subjective matter for each one of us, we provide our unbiased individual opinion in our reviews and you can clearly see why we like or dislike a given app.

The Most Common UK Mobile Betting Apps

Most bookmakers pay a special attention at efficiency and provide you with the option to place a quick bet with just a few touches on the screen, so if you are in a hurry, you can place your bet without any obstacles. If you are curious about which is the most common UK betting app, a research has shown that William Hill hold thirty-eight percent of the market share. Second and third place take respectively Paddy Power with thirty-two percent and Bet365 with twenty-four percent. The top five list concludes with Ladbrokes (nine percent) and Skybet (six percent). We tried to make a ranking of the top betting apps regarding live streaming, bonuses and football betting.

The Top Mobile Football Betting App

If you are excited about football betting, which is quite likely, our opinion is that the Betvictor app is the best one. Their odds are astonishing and despite that the website is not too impressive and is without flashy images and fancy colours, the major advantage here is definitely the Instabet feature.

The best Mobile Betting Apps for bonuses

mobile betting apps paddyBet365 are famous for their alluring promotions and bonuses and it is not surprising that we have placed their app first in this category. After you have placed your first bet on the mobile platform, you will get a mobile welcome bonus for up to fifty pounds that you can use later on mobile devices. You have to play it through 3 times before you are able to make a withdrawal.

Another positive side of the Mobile Betting Apps is that you are able to claim the opening bonus. This is the reason why we also strongly suggest the mobile app of Ladbrokes with their twenty-five pounds free bet bonus. This app runs quite efficiently and you have to touch the screen only three times in order to place your bet after logging in. You are able to do this both on your Android device or iPhone.

The Best Live Streaming Betting Apps

In regards to live streaming, there is really one prominent name and that is Bet365. The live streams they offer on their mobile are simply as good as these offered on PC. They provide more than forty thousand events live per year and there you can discover many other wonderful options such as the In-Play console.

It is worth also to mention Skybet and the major reason is the Bet and Watch offer about Irish Horse Racing. When you consider how influential Sky Sports is, you can’t underestimate their mobile app. It comes with an alternative and refreshing layout.

The mobile app by Coral provides you with the opportunity to watch the Dutch Erdivisie and the Spanish La Liga. It can run not only on Apple and Android devices but is also compatible with Blackberry, Windows and just about everything. Like many other providers, Coral offer horse races, you just have to bet one pound on them.

How a Mobile Betting app is Installed?

The simplest way is to visit the bookmaker’s website. The site will detect that you are using a mobile device and it will adapt to it. It is a simple and fast way and you don’t need to download anything. However, if you would like to have the app on your device, it is possible to make a download from the store or from third sources.

Advantages of the Mobile Betting Apps

  • It could be run with just a single touchmobile betting apps coral
  • It is quicker than the web-based one
  • You are notified about the latest features

Advantages of the Web-based App

  • More devices could work with it
  • It doesn’t take much of the phone space
  • It could be run through a mobile browser

The Technology of Mobile Betting in the UK

Sports betting has been very popular in the UK for centuries. Presently, there are over eight thousand betting shops dispersed throughout Scotland, England and Whales. The only similar British institution which is more popular is Bingo. In the last years, many of the classic betting shops have gradually closed because the citizens of the UK have switched to online sports betting. Many land-based bookmakers closed their business because they were just unable to compete with the larger internet operators.

Online sports betting has turned out to be very successful in the United Kingdom for many reasons. First of all, internet betting websites had much lower expenses, so they were able to provide their customers with better odds on rugby, horse racing, football and other popular in the UK sports. Internet bookies also had a great success in attracting new customers by offering astonishing bonuses and free bets offers. It should be also noted that a great percentage of the UK population live in rural areas and these people are not able to easily visit the closest William Hill, Ladbrokes or Stan James. Thanks to the advancement in technology, these sports pundits were at last able to bet on Glasgow Rangers, Tottenham Hotspur or Arsenal at the weekend. Five percent of Android and iPhone users in Whales, Scotland and England now place bets using their smartphones.

Over the last years, internet bookies have started to gradually observe their customers moving from the original website to their Mobile Betting Apps. The ubiquity of smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, Sony Xperia and Motorola Droid has gradually led bookies to invest more of their resources in enhancing technologically advanced and abundant on features apps.

The Sports Betting on the iPad and iPhone

mobile betting apps livestreamAccording to many people’s opinion, Blackberry was the first smartphone, but we think that the real beginning was the first iPhone. Until the introduction by the touchscreen by Apple, mobile devices were pretty much calculators which you could use to make phone calls. Thanks to the big touch screen display of the iPhone, people were already able to surf online like they would do from their laptop or desktop PC. Afterwards, the sports fans quickly started browsing bookmakers sites to get informed about Rory Mcllroy and the British Gold Open or to place a bet on the Aintree Grand National. Internet bookmakers have taken a notice of this tendency towards mobile and in a brief time started developing mobile websites that were simple to run on the iPhone.

These early websites compatible with iOS were truly primitive and simply provided betting lines on popular UK sports events, such as the F.A cup final or the Cheltenham Racing Festival. However, they turned out to be really popular which was a great encouragement for the gambling operators to keep investing in their Mobile Betting Apps. The results are evident: contemporary bookmaker apps currently offer fixtures, live scores, news, sports betting tips and league tables. From your iPad or iPhone you are also able to observe how Jessica Ennis wins gold in athletics or how Phil Taylor wins another World Cup of Darts title.

Apple undoubtedly revolutionized the field of internet gambling for a second time a few years later when they launched the iPad. On the one hand, iPad users were able to browse a standard website whenever they wished, on the other hand, many customers got used to the simplicity of speed and use of the iPhone apps. This is the reason that many internet bookmakers started developing Mobile Betting Apps specifically for tablets that can completely utilize the 9.7 inch screen of the iPad. That meant that UK sports fans were able to watch the English cricket team competing on their iPad in high definition.

Android Mobile OS Bookmaker Apps

Because of the exceptional success of the iPhone, Google took the decision to launch their own mobile operating system which was called Android. This operating system was licensed to phone makers who released very popular devices such as Motorola Moto, Samsung Galaxy Note, Sony Xperia Z1 and LG G Flex. In a short time, UK bookmakers released Mobile Betting Apps compatible with Android and offering a good range of mobile sports betting features.

mobile betting apps ladbrokesBecause real money gambling apps have been banned by Google on Google play, Android users would have to access them through the Chrome browser of their smartphone or tablet.

Android devices were less expensive than the iOS ones, which led to the appearing of a whole new generation of smartphone users. Internet bookies in the UK quickly launched a variety of Android compatible sports betting apps and many other features were included, such as live Barclays Premier League updates, horse race betting tips and snooker matches live streams featuring legends like John Higgins and Ronnie O’Sullivan.

Windows Phone Nokia Lumia Mobile Bookmakers Apps

For many years it appeared like a competition between Android and iOS in the race for mobile supremacy. Few people would have predicted that the Windows Phone by Microsoft would surpass Blackberry in a short time and become the third most common smartphone operation system worldwide. Some very common brands are the Nokia Lumia 1520, Nokia Lumia 910 and the Microsoft Surface Tab. On the other hand, you can’t find any sports betting or poker apps in the Windows Phone app market. Instead, you will have to download gambling apps on your Windows phone using your device’s browser.

Top Betting Apps Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we have covered some of the major questions that you could have.

Is it Possible More than One app to be Used?

Yes, as many Mobile Betting Apps as you want can be installed. The availability of storage space on your device is the only limitation. And because betting apps are most of the times very small in size, it is not really an issue. Our team experts have all kinds of apps installed on their devices and most of the time they switch the one they use according to the market they will bet on. For example, Betvictor is our chosen app for all of the footy bets and William Hill is a great all-rounder. If you are primarily interested in football, Victor odds are recommended.

Can a Free Bet be Claimed using a Mobile app?

mobile betting apps bonusAll of our recommended apps provide matched deposit bonuses or free bets to new customers, once you have registered and made a deposit. Take a look at our table so you can know how much the various bookmakers will offer you. Keep in mind to check about the terms and conditions applying to these bonuses.

Do I have an Access to all the Markets on the Mobile app?

Most of the sites provide a full variety of available markets, on the other hand, some of them offer fewer markets with their mobile version and apps. You can get more information by taking a look at our comprehensive mobile reviews about the bookmakers.

Can I find a Betting app where no Minimum Deposit is Required?

All operators require a minimum deposit of five pounds, the main reason is to diminish their bank charges. The minimum bet for the other hand could vary and it is possible to be as low as three pens.

Which of the Betting Apps Offer live Cash Out option?

From our recommended Mobile Betting Apps, those by Paddy Power and Bet365 allow you to make an early cash out of your winning bets for a guaranteed return no matter what the final result is. Of course, it means that the odds will be lower than if you choose not to cash out, on the other hand, it is a wonderful feeling when you make a withdrawal and then team scores which means that you would have not won.

Are all the Promotions Offered on the Website Available on the Mobile?

Yes, they certainly are and there are even some extra ones. They are offered solely because the betting websites benefit from these offers as much as you do. They will offer you a little free cash to play with and will hope to win you as a regular customer so it is understandable that their promotions are mobile-friendly. In addition to the standard ones, there are operators that offer specific mobile promotions. A great particular example is the ‘On the Go’ bonus by Bet365 which can provide you with up to fifty additional pounds.

Can I find any bet Exchange Apps?

mobile betting apps williamThe internet is a broad territory and honestly, you are able to discover absolutely everything on it, including mobile bet exchanges. However, our basic goal is to lead you to the best betting app experience so we wouldn’t let you stumble on some suspicious bookmaker overseas. The only featured betting website providing bet exchange is Ladbrokes. Their services’ quality is guaranteed and you are also able to lay and back bets through your tablet or smartphone.

Which is the Most Suitable app for iPhone?

That really depends on your individual preferences. All Mobile Betting Apps have much in common but each one of them comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, if live betting is your thing, you should try out Bet365 mobile betting. If you are not into too exquisite stuff and money back specials, your appropriate choice is Paddy Power. Our recommendation is that you check often our reviews and select the betting app that is most suitable for you. Don’t put a limitation on yourself, register with several ones.

Which is the Most Suitable app for Android Devices?

It is very subjective, as things one may consider important could be totally useless to someone else. On the other hand, Android users would gladly claim the free bet by William Hill for mobile punters, only available for versions, such as Gingerbread, Jellybean and Donut. Our overall winner is William Hill mobile and you should absolutely try it out. It offers a user-friendly and pleasant interface where you can find all the bets you are looking for.

Which is the Most Suitable app for Windows Mobile and Blackberry?

Despite that there are not as many Blackberry betting apps and Windows Mobile Betting Apps as there are for Android and Apple devices, you should know that you can still place your bet. Even if a specific app is absent, you will discover that the mobile version of the site works just fine. Our strong suggestion is Ladbrokes because of the minimum number of touches required to place a simple bet. When we made our test, it only took us three taps to place and confirm the bet. This is perfect if you are for example on a busy train and have to place a quick bet.

I prefer an Android app Rather than the Mobile web Option!

You could be a little surprised that Google forbids Mobile Betting Apps on Google Play but Apple gladly allows them on their app store. After contacting Google to inquire why they don’t allow them, their answer was that they don’t allow services and content that helps internet gambling which include lotteries and sports betting, internet casinos or skill games that offer awards of cash or other value.

However, you should not be concerned about it. There is certainly a way to install all suggested apps on your Android device, it will take a few more taps but we will guide you through the required steps to be taken. Here is how it works:

mobile betting apps betvictorOn your tablet or smartphone which runs on Android 4.0 or higher, go to settings – security – unknown sources. Choosing this option will provide you the opportunity to install apps out of the Google Play store. Depending on the device you are using, you can also select to be warned before installing damaging apps so don’t be worried if you don’t see the words ‘verify apps’ as they are shown in the picture below.

On devices which run an earlier Android version, go to Settings – Applications option – Unknown Sources – OK.

Because Google play doesn’t have Mobile Betting Apps, we have to use an alternative way of finding a certain app. For all our reviews, we will provide you with specific steps for each one of the apps but usually, it is the same for all companies.

An Important Note!

Before following the instructions, register an account with your chosen bookmaker.

  • Open your Android’s device internet browser and go to m.getjar.com
  • Look for the app at the top of the page.
  • Click on download

We strongly suggest that after you install your desired app or apps, you return to the settings and untick the box in order to allow all unknown sources.

Can I Install from Unknown Sources Safely?

Operators like Paddy Power recommend the getjar platform to their Android customers (getjar is similar to Google Play app store but with different terms and conditions). If the mobile betting app is approved by the company and official, then you shouldn’t be concerned about security and safety. On the other hand, we strongly suggest you return to your old settings after installing the app. As a main rule, avoid all paid apps (even on Google Play) that appear free because many of these come with malware (or malicious software) or viruses that can facilitate criminals to get a grasp of your individual information or mess up with the data on your phone. Google Play gives an automatic authorization to app submissions without even checking them and unfortunately you can stumble on some rogue apps.

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