Reviews of The Best Online Sportsbooks you Can Find

First of all, you totally have to use several betting sites reviews, not just one sportsbooks. If some betting line wasn’t according to your taste and you miss the ability to bet the old line, there is the probability that some other book could still provide that last line. In addition, you can play live betting on two or more sites and get various odds. If for example, your preferable sportsbook has encountered issues with its payment processor and it is delaying your payments, you can simply go to your next favourite sportsbook. We have chosen using Bitcoin for withdrawing and depositing at most sportsbooks because it is free most of the times and is really quick. If you are intending to register at one of the largest sportsbooks but you are not exactly sure which one, you can consider the following information:

Reputation of the Book

Whether a sportsbook is reputable or not is an important issue and you can acquire useful information simply by browsing the opinions of other bettors on the book’s website. Get information in advance if a betting website takes too much time for the players’ payments or regarding any other issues. The little time spent on researching the website would be quite valuable as you can see the other sports bettors’ opinions about the comparison with other betting sites reviews. This way you can easily discover the best sportsbook for you without concerning about losing your money or getting tricked.

About the Odds and Lines

betting sites review oddsIt is always crucial to choose a sports betting website that updates its odds and lines considerably quickly. The main reason for this is that if you don’t use a website that can provide the lines early, you can miss a wonderful betting chance on a certain game that has its line off for some reason. You also have to ensure that the odds would pay out well, as some of the sportsbooks on the market don’t provide odds that are as good as those at other betting sites reviews. This is something to take into consideration and you are able to acquire this information simply by looking at the card for the certain day in the beginning of the day. The odds determine the coefficient when placing a bet online, so don’t forget to compare the different operators. You can’t beat the odds, but you can take advantage of them. See more about what online bookmakers have to offer.

Reviews of Gambling Websites

The target of our site is to offer you all the useful information you could look for relating all features of gambling. We are very keen on helping you choose the top websites to play at and bet and this is the reason why we list and rank the best betting sites reviews in a large amount of various categories.

Besides the accumulated rankings, we also offer very detailed written reviews regarding all recommended sites. These reviews are a wonderful way to discover more about a certain gambling website before taking the decision that it is the appropriate one for you. Our reviews are very comprehensive and cover every key detail, they are also quite honest. We evaluate both the positive and negative aspects because we think it is crucial to offer an unbiased view of each website we have considered.

Our reviews could be placed in five various categories. We provide reviews about ‘all in one’ gambling websites, poker rooms, betting sites reviews, bingo sites and online casinos. Please keep in mind that in order to offer you the most useful and relevant information, in regards to the ‘all in one’ gambling websites, we not only offer a general review but we also offer additional reviews which focus on each type of gambling offered.

Sports Betting Sites Reviews

The reviews we offer in this category provide all the relevant information for the players who want to do sports betting online. We pay a special attention at the availability of sports betting product at the ‘all in one’ gambling websites in addition to the websites providing just sports betting. Some of the features that we cover are the awards offered and sports betting bonuses, the competitiveness of the odds, the variety of sports covered and the variety of wagers and bets available. In addition, we pay attention at the live betting platform, if it is provided, and the mobile betting options.

uk betting sites reviews

The internet has provided us with plenty of wonderful features and for the fans of gambling, probably the greatest thing it has come with is online betting. We don’t have to go to the local betting shop anymore or to suspicious odds makers offering huge margins. Now the bettors have the opportunity to work with hundreds of various brands with a click of the keyboard. Because of the severe competition between various books, there are amazing promotions for the players and generous odds, providing them a better opportunity than ever before of making real money.

On the one hand, the abundance of choice obviously benefits punters, but on the other, it comes with some issues. The integrity and quality of internet bookmakers varies a lot and bettors have to be very well acquainted with each website they are using before placing a bet and spending their cash. That is where our website can be of genuine help to you. Our highly knowledgeable experts in the internet betting field review and analyse sportsbooks meticulously, discerning the advantages and disadvantages of each brand. Take a look at the following list which can really help you select a betting website suitable for your demands.

What we Really Consider

All our betting sites reviews are comprehensive and thorough and cover all crucial features that bettors have to consider before choosing a sportsbook. The first and most important thing is the security and legitimacy of a bookmaker. It makes no sense to register with a bookmaker which is famous for undertaking fraudulent practices and withholding funds, because no matter how successful a punter you are, you have to be able to get your money. Other features that we consider include:

  • The website’s design: an easy, professional-looking site with simple navigation is essential. Everything has to be intuitive and the bettors should have the ability to choose their desired bets or markets quickly. We covered betting via live stream as well.
  • The number of sports/markets: a respectable sportsbook will provide a great variety of sports for its customers to bet on. Twenty or more is a good standard. Because horse racing is a sport requiring constant attention, being performed almost every day and with odds moving all the time, so usually the bigger companies will price it up. In addition to a comprehensive list of sports, it is essential to diversify with the markets – which means a great number of various bet kinds for each game.
  • Generous odds: even if bookmakers provide a great number of sports to bet on and concessions, those have no importance if their betting books have criminal percentages. The closer it comes to hundred percent, the better it is for the customers and we pay a special attention to how firms perform when it comes to the competitiveness their odds have over various markets.
  • uk betting sites bonusBonuses and promotions: the fierce competitiveness for new business in the internet betting field has as a consequence bookmakers providing generous concessions and bonuses when individuals register. On the other hand, there is plenty of fine print regarding ‘cash back’ and ‘free bets’ and always when we review a sportsbook, we evaluate the concessions they offer and meticulously assess the terms and conditions to make sure that the bonuses in the advertisement are achievable in reality, which means the ability to receive the amount stated and withdraw your winnings with ease.
  • Methods of payment: because every day a new payment service or provider appear, in general, the internet bookmarking family has been quite practical at including various new payment solutions into its betting sites reviews. We assess the number of various payment kinds provided by every bookmaker, their maximum and minimum deposit amounts and whether or not they charge a fee.
  • The countries being served: the countries worldwide have various laws in regards to gambling. On the other hand, the internet bookies have opposing attitudes when it comes to respecting those laws. In fact, in the great majority of situations, the responsibility of being acquainted with the local laws pertains to the individual betting. Firms have different approaches about the countries they will accept registrations from. We identify the countries where it is impossible for individuals to access various websites.
  • Customer support service: we consider how comprehensive and accessible the customer support is. Could you contact the bookmaker by live chat, e-mail and telephone? What is the availability of the representatives? Certainly, 24/7 customer support is great because if there are any issues, customers would like them to be resolved as soon as possible.

How do we Compare Websites – Should all be Treated Equally?

betting sites reviews lawWe consider all the aforementioned factors and review each bookmaker’s site to get a genuine customer experience. Only by getting acquainted with the website’s navigation, contacting with the customer support team and evaluating the markets depth we are able to give an useful assessment of a certain bookmaker.

Because there are hundreds of bookmakers in the field, it is not surprising that not all betting sites reviews are equal when it comes to their offers. The quality of services provided by various operators could be very different – from the competitiveness of odds to how many markets are offered to how professional is the customer support team. Companies such as ComeOn and Bet365 are one of the successfully established bookmakers in Europe, whilst Dafabet is a prominent Asian bookmaker.

Concerns About Safety and Security

You should always be very cautious when trying out an internet bookmaker you have heard of for a first time, especially in the situation when their site is low budget looking. Some operators disappear and customers can lose all their money without having the opportunity to take it back. Despite the fact that there are some companies with good reputation which have their licence in the Caribbean (Curacao), most of the fraudulent operators are likely to operate from this region because of the relatively simple licensing laws and the low probability of legal actions against them. Firms which have their operation out of Europe are usually easier for contacting and it is much more likely that customers will retrieve their money in case of a dispute.

Another positive side of selecting a reputable and established betting company with good and legitimate website is because of a likelihood of a more developed security encryption, which means that there is a lower probability of compromising the website.

Concerns About Legal Issues

As we mentioned, the legal status of betting sites reviews varies according to the country. There are bookmakers who have a respect for the particular laws of various countries but others give punters the opportunity to contravene their nation’s legislation. The strictness of the governments of the various countries towards breaches of the law regarding online gambling varies a lot. In some countries, operators are targeted rather than people and in others, individuals are fined.

Fraudulent Activities and Scams

sites reviews scamBookmakers are able to scam customers in several ways. From offering unrealistic bonuses to taking the money of the bettors and closing their website, there are firms that will do everything to trick unsuspicious punters. One of the most popular scams these days is probably the bonus scam. For example, a bookmaker will come with an alluring promotions, such as ‘deposit thirty pounds, get hundred and thirty pounds in free bets’. Customers start to register in multitudes and make deposits of their money only to discover that in order to withdraw their first deposit and the added promo money, they have to have the total turned over twenty times on doubles and with 3.0 minimum odds. Surely, the probability of being able to do this approximates the absolute minimum and because of this the bookmaker gets the first deposit money practically each time.

Another scam appropriated by sportsbooks after a bet has been won are the honouring bets. Betting sites reviews will provide ridiculous reasons as to why a certain bet could not be settled – suspicious betting activity, incorrect odds, collusion and others. In most situations, it is extremely hard for punters to eventually retrieve their money. Bettors who use the services of European bookies are more secured in these situations because many of the firms with a good reputation are signed up to the Independent Betting Adjudication Service, or IBAS. IBAS has the role of an impartial adjudicator when a dispute takes place and the bookmakers agree on their decisions. Internet gamblers are strongly adviced to use the services of these companies, as they are more likely to be safe and secure and scamming customers is less likely. You can find an additional information about the scamming options in our section for scams.

There is plenty of information for bettors to consider when choosing which sportsbook to use. A lot of people will decide quickly and choose an internet operator providing the biggest sign-up bonus or the top odds but it is really useful to make a more thorough research first. And in this case you are very lucky, because at our website we do the difficult work for you and offer you thorough, detailed and reliable bookmaker reviews so you can make your best choice.

Internet Bookmakers Which we Haven’t Put in our List

We have made every effort so our comprehensive list is up to date but surely, we can’t list all existing betting sites reviews. If you have encountered a website which is not included on our list, our best advice is to avoid it. We have included all the best bookmakers and also all those that are worth a B rating.

Undoubtedly, there is no reason to use the services of a website which is not A or at least B rated which means that if the bookmaker you are considering is not on our list, it would be clever to avoid it.

Sports Gambling Online: One Rough Industry

Despite that most of the bookmakers have a licence in some part of the world, the industry is far from being truly legitimate. It is because it is very simple for all to launch a website and start taking bets from punters and collecting their money.

betting sites review skyReally, you can get an access to a white label or a skin for less than ten thousand pounds and to get all the needed features enabling you to take bets from punters regardless of who you are or where you are located. In addition to the unlicensed and unregulated websites, there are those that are willing to pay huge fixed amounts of money to website owners to endorse them and many webmasters will accept this offers without even thinking about the misguided punters. This means they would publish manipulated reviews.

When you consider all this, the industry is not very well regulated but certainly, there are legitimate options where your money is safe and you can rely on being paid out on your winning bets. In our site, we have published a rating guide for the various online bookmakers. Our best advice is to follow the sites with A ratings and you can be certain that your money is secure and safe and you are in a licensed and regulated territory.

Why Should you Rely on our Betting Sites Reviews?

Of course, there is plenty of sites offering some kind of ratings and reviews about various bookmakers. It was already mentioned that many websites will offer the top grades to the highest bidders and that is why you can rely on our ratings as we never trade our ratings for a payment.

Is there a Difference Between Our and the Other Websites’ Ratings?

Yes, there is a difference, mainly because of the reasons already mentioned. Our ratings are based on a real gambling experience as well as players complaints and news stories.

Although we suggest that some operators take payments, this doesn’t mean at all that all of them have this practice, there are many honest reviews on the web. What we meant by this statement is that our ratings are trustworthy.

You can easily see that some other betting sites reviews decide to put bookmakers on their list which we haven’t included in ours. We should note that this is UK oriented website and we don’t pay special attention to the websites serving US customers. A lot of internet bookmakers located in the United States are involved in current investigations from the DOJ (Department of Justice) and understandably we would not recommend you to use them. Our main goal is helping punters from Europe and the UK to select the top betting websites available where their money will be secured and they will be paid out for their winning bets.

How our Betting Sites Reviews are Written?

betting sites review ladOur reviews reflect the opinions of professional betting experts so you can trust that they are unbiased. We want to reveal both the advantages and disadvantages of each bookmaker so you can have all the useful information. We are also very interested in assessing the reasons why some other people have a preference towards certain bookmakers before others.

When you find a useful and good betting sites reviews it is very easy to select the top bookie for you, despite that there is plenty of them in the United Kingdom. In our reviews, we will present you with the essential features that you should consider when choosing your bookie. Of course, you have to make an adjustment regarding your betting choices, for example, if you want to bet on horse racing, football, In-Play, accumulators or simply have fun in watching live streams.

Each bookie provides special offers and services – odds and betting markets, various promotions. You should consider not only the features offered but also how professional is their customer support. It is essential to learn how the various bookies operate and what are the options to withdraw and deposit money. Don’t be lured by the huge welcome bonus but assess all the features meticulously before making your choice.

As we mentioned above, it is essential to know the basic things for each bookie before choosing to rely on them with your hard earned money. Read carefully our reviews of the top internet bookmakers In the UK and select this that cover your betting interests. Certainly, it doesn’t have to be just one – some bettors prefer to have accounts at several bookmakers so they can take advantage of the better odds and welcome bonuses offered. We are striving to test each website and share our individual experience so we can add it to the useful feedback and information we have read from other users.

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