How to Place Bets. Betting Tips. The Theory Behind Betting

The given betting tips are a result of experience and skills of real gamblers. The purpose of this information is to give you a hint in which direction to go when it comes to playing your game. There are several basic principles that could make your sports betting successful. If you are looking forward to making stable profits by sports betting, you should start with the betting theory’s basics at first.

Basics of the Betting Tips

Our betting theory guides will offer you the needed basics for making your sports betting profitable, by giving you step by step advice in regards to topics, such as betting odds, how should they be perceived in terms of probability, how the odds can be converted from one format to another, how betting commission should be calculated, which essential source to use for laying and backing on a betting exchange such as Matchbook or Betfair, what means booker margins, how they could be calculated and how you can understand their impact on your overall loss and profit, how the optimal betting stake should be calculated using the Kelly Criterion, how your betting bankroll should be managed and much more important information. If you are a sports bettor with big intentions, then our betting theory guide is the right place to make a start.

Having a Strategy for Betting

betting tips ice hockeyMaking stable winnings from sports betting is not achievable simply by understanding the basics of successful betting, what is also needed, is to know how to apply the basics to the betting markets and how to identify betting value. Honing successful betting strategies that can define value betting options requires discipline and time but on the other hand, the rewards could be substantial and present you with the chance to take advantage of hundreds of betting markets, from month to month and from year to year. Our betting tips and strategy guide will give you a perspective not only to how to enhance the betting strategies you are using but also offer you already tested and tried betting strategies with instructions how to handle different betting markets and how to create methods and tools for improving betting value wherever it is found. Keep in mind that the strategy is not about the device that you use.

The Psychology Behind Betting

Whenever we approach sports betting and we have to evaluate the events likelihood, our mind can play tricks on us quite often. It can be either the assessing the importance of randomness, comprehending the true face of chance or the usual psychological biases and thought pattern errors, in many cases our minds stop being reliable companions in the quest of getting regular betting profits. Our guide to the psychology of betting will offer you an important betting tips about how the spontaneous instinct of our minds for understanding chance can lead is in wrong ways in many cases and how using a mindset devoid of classic biases can be of great help to you in finding value where then others have failed to do that.

Important Information About the Bookmakers

If you are looking forward to becoming a successful sports bettor, you have to have an understanding of the bookmaker’s role and the way bookmakers work. Bookmakers provide a number of tools and features, such as live streaming in order to help you win regular profits on a variety of markets, but bookmakers can also decrease your probability of consistent long-term profits because of big margins on certain markets and the option to put limitations or even close your account if you happen to be a regular winner. Our bookmakers guides will give you important information for understanding how bookmakers operate and how your chances of becoming a successful sports bettor can be improved.

Betting guides for Beginners

You should not be concerned if you are new to sports betting and don’t have an idea where to start from. It’s not a problem at all. Our beginners guides will provide you step by step advice about a big variety of leagues and sports, giving you instructions in a comprehensive menu of topics, providing you with the perfect base to start your quest into sports betting.There are a lot of betting terms to master, and understanding the various elements of betting terminology. Whether you decide to bet on basketball, tennis, football, cricket or major American sports, our guides for beginners have been made having you in mind. Even the most professional sports bettors started with not sufficient understanding but nonetheless limitless passion for sports betting. Compiled by professional sports bettors, our guides for beginners will show you the best direction.You can also visit our betting terminology guide

Football Betting Tips

betting tips soccerFootball is definitely the most common sport worldwide and, as you have probably suspected, the first sport involved in sports betting. With the ubiquity of football betting, the chance to win regular profits is far bigger than in any other sport and bookmakers provide hundreds of markets and dozens of leagues constantly at the time of the football season. Our football betting guide will give you important information about how to handle the apparently boundless variety of available football betting markets. Compiled by very successful and professional football bettors, our guides and betting tips will show you the basics of successful football betting, offering you tournament by tournament, league by league and market by market evaluation and taking you all the way to a more advanced strategy of football betting.

How to Bet on Tennis

Tennis betting has become much more popular recently, and higher numbers of bettors have recognized the chance to win regular profits because of the great number of betting opportunities available. With so many tournaments throughout the year, from main WTA and ATP events, Grand Slams to the Challenger circuit, there are many bettors whose choice is to focus and specialize solely in taking advantage of tennis betting markets. Our tennis betting guides will offer you important information about the basics of profitable tennis betting, about how to handle individual tournaments and how to take advantage of the value available in a great variety of tennis betting markets.

Betting Tips on Cricket

With the big bang of T20 cricket all around the world, we shouldn’t be surprised that cricket betting has rapidly become much more popular. Whether you prefer Test, ODI or T20 cricket, the total of cricket tournaments and matches played throughout the year has led to cricket betting becoming a very common choice for many bettors. With bookmakers making the availability of various markets broader, cricket betting has already proved to be a wonderful way of winning regular profits. Our cricket betting guide will offer you useful information about cricket betting, whether it should be Test, Odi or T20 cricket. Our professionals will show you the basics of profitable cricket betting and how to take advantage of the cricket betting markets.

How to Bet on Horse Racing

Horse racing has always been considered as a definitive sports gambling. There are many Betting Tips about the game. It is one of the most common kinds of betting, with popular events such as the Royal Ascot, Glorious Goodwood and the Cheltenham Festival, horse racing gives bettors the probability to win profits any day of the week. And with daily horse races not only in the United Kingdom, but in the USA, Australia and Asia, bettors with a keen eye for value have figured out that horse racing betting is a wonderful way for a stable profit. Compiled by horse racing betting professionals, our guide will teach you the basics, how to discover value betting options and how to deal with major racing festivals.

Betting Tips for Basketball

Basketball is certainly one of the most common sports worldwide and as you might have guessed, basketball betting is a very popular endeavor for bettors around the world. With the ongoing rise in the popularity of NCAA basketball, NBA and the major European tournaments and leagues, the basketball bettors around the world discover wonderful betting options each week. Whether you prefer American leagues or the Asian and European ones, our basketball betting guide will offer you essential information about recognizing value betting options, taking advantage of the basics as well as how to deal with the great variety of available basketball betting markets.

How to Bet on Golf

betting tips golfGolf is a calm sport where winning is about patience and accuracy. Despite that betting on the game is not met with the same amount of interest as the other popular sports events (where you can feel the heat of the competition), there has been a gradual rise in popularity during the last ten years. With the chance to discover value bets throughout the whole calendar year, owing to the busy schedule in both the USA and Europe, bettors have started to really consider golf betting as a wonderful way of enhancing their betting bankroll and the reason is most of all the unpredictability of the sport from one tournament to another. Our golf betting guide will offer you essential information about how to deal with golf betting, from tournament to another tournament and will show you also how to recognize a betting value in the ever increasing total of available golf betting markets.

Ice Hockey Betting Tips

Ubiquitous in both north Europe and the USA, ice hockey is undoubtedly one of the most common sports to bet on worldwide. Whether you are excited about the popular European tournaments and leagues, the American lower league ice hockey, or of course the NHL, ice hockey betting gives the bettors the chance to discover betting value throughout the whole year. With the availability of day to day weight games, bettors with a keen eye for betting value have discovered ice hockey as a wonderful way to make their betting portfolio better and to improve their betting returns. Our ice hockey betting guides and betting tips will show you essential information: from the basics to profitable ice hockey betting and to more developed market to market evaluation.

How to Bet on Baseball

With baseball being so popular in both Japan and the USA, baseball betting offers the bettors a high number of betting options during the whole year. There are over two thousand games in the American MLB each year and bettors who have a keen eye for value keep finding baseball betting as a wonderful way of making regular profits and improving their betting bankroll. The baseball betting guide will offer you essential information about the baseball fundamentals, letting you know how to deal with individual tournaments and leagues as well as providing you with more sophisticated evaluation of common baseball betting markets.

How to Bet on American Football

Certainly, American football is the USA’s most popular sport which stands in front of ice hockey, basketball and baseball. Whether it is NCAA football or of course, NHL, American football is among the most commonly bet on sports worldwide where bookmakers offer a broad betting markets menu each week of the NCAA and NFL seasons. Our American football betting guide will offer you essential information about recognizing value in the great variety of available betting markets. Whether you are a novice, or professional American football bettor, our guides will offer you both the basics and more comprehensive and detailed betting strategy tips and evaluation.

Five Useful Betting Tips to Develop Your Sports Betting Strategy

betting tips footballDon’t be in a hurry to get a bonus. You can enhance your bankroll considerably if you develop a profitable sports betting strategy. If you are a beginner at sports betting, discovering a truly profitable strategy may seem really challenging. On the one hand, luck is undoubtedly important, but on the other, the sports betting professionals experience serve as a proof that discipline and research could allow you to make a long-term profit. Below, we have included several tips you can use when you start honing your winning strategy.

The First Betting Tip: Don’t Allow Your Emotions Take a Hold of You

There are certainly many bettors placing wagers on teams because of their psychological attachment and feelings, but most of the sports betting professionals have developed a winning strategy by meticulously paying attention to the numbers and taking advantage from any edge they could discover. If some guy you know has told you about a lock of the century kind of wager, do a comprehensive research on this bet and place a bet only if you are totally comfortable. Never place a bet which is out of your bankroll limits, even in a situation when you are absolutely certain about your choice.

The Second Betting Tip: Focus on a Specific Sport or a Team

Consider it as choosing your sports betting profile. Start researching the sports your most familiar with and start elaborating a strategy to take advantage of your knowledge. Make your discoveries valid by researching what the reliable sports betting professionals have written about the particular game that has aroused your interest. Start making a comparison of your results with the professionals to see if you are able to emulate or even surpass their win rates. If you start losing more than you are winning, define what had gone wrong and adjust it properly so you make it likely to fix it. If you have devoted your knowledge on betting on NFL games, you have to get to work and decide what kinds of bets you want to place. Record a football game using your DVR and then rewatch particular parts of the game so you can observe some tendencies. It is also worth to focus on a certain kind of bet. You have the option to bet just on point totals or choose to bet on more different bets such as parlays.

The Third of the Betting Tips: Bet on Large Distractions

You probably remember the 2014 NBA playoffs when the LA Clippers were preferential to beat the Warriors by two points. About forty-eight hours before the start of the game, ESPN and TMZ were reporting that Donald Sterling, the owner of the Clippers, had made racially offensive remarks that quickly became a major news headline all over the world.

Despite that the Clippers were the favorites, a large number of sports betting professionals thought that the distraction caused by their owner was the main reason for their twenty-one point loss to the Warriors. In situations when top class athletes compete for a championship, whatever distraction from their intense physical and mental focus occurs, may come as a factor for the final game’s score.

The Fourth of the Betting Tips: Do your Line Shopping

betting tipshorse racingIn the first tip, we recommended that you pay attention to the numbers and discover any edge. Whenever you go line shopping, you are pretty much doing that. The term line shopping is used as a description of the process of researching the betting lines which are published by various online sportsbooks to find out if a better line or a payout on a particular event exist.

If you sign up at many internet sportsbooks and you make a cash deposit at each site, you can bet on lines very quickly, before they even begin to move. Whenever you are placing your bet on sports, you are trying to find any edge you can get. In some occasions those edges appear from seeing a match up problem, in other the edges come from the mere betting odds. If you can take advantage of these small edges, your bankroll can withstand short term changes.

The Fifth Betting Tip: Whenever There are Outdoor Sports Events, Focus on the Weather

There are sports betting professionals who say that focusing on the weather doesn’t make much sense as they think that the overall impact of the weather on the game’s final score is negligible. It is certainly not a black and white matter since weather conditions can definitely have an impact on a particular team’s strength in performing its defense and offense. There is a recently published article by that analyzed the outdoor games completion percentage between 2007 and 2011. The website discovered that the games played between November and January had a four percent drop in percentages of completion.

Whenever you are placing your bet on an outdoor game such as the MLB on NFL, it is a very useful thing to see the extended forecasts so you can have an appropriate anticipation of the weather events. When it comes to NFL Betting Tips, the lines can be published as early as Tuesday which allows you to assess odds assigned to point spreads and point totals. Employ your best judgment when including the weather conditions in your final decision. Of course, most of the times the weather conditions may not have a direct effect on the better team’s abilities, but it could affect both teams capacities to score more points.

Easy Betting Strategies and Betting Tips

betting tips baseballIn fact, most of the people simply bet on their favorite teams and don’t even think about strategy options. On the other hand, there is an availability of some wonderful strategies which in a brief time will improve your sports betting considerably. With just a little very simple management of your money, research or line shopping can make the difference between loser and winner over the long term. In this article, you can find some crucial sports betting strategies and the way to use them for your betting success.

Management of your Bankroll

If you don’t employ some bankroll management option and place your bets with various amounts which depend on how you evaluate a wager, then your betting bankroll will constantly be in danger. A lot of sports bettors reload when they have lost and then make their stakes higher when they win. In many cases, this means that their winnings vanish faster than they should and they are forced to reload again. This is definitely a vicious circle that could be avoided easily if you listen to the right Betting Tips.

Many experienced sports bettors take advantage of a unit system for their bankroll management. They will designate a certain number of units to a particular bet which depends on their confidence about the bet. In many situations, this is between one and five units (id depends on the individual choice) and each unit represents a fraction of the bankroll – in many situations it is 1%. If the bettor is extremely confident in a wager, he will put five percent of his bankroll on a certain event , with wagers that come with less confidence having stakes of between one and four percent of the bankroll.

By adhering to this system, your bankroll would never be at real risk. When you bet just a small fraction of your bankroll each time even in theory it is not possible to go bankrupt. The bettor with an edge will face upswings and downswings but in the long run, his bankroll will grow slowly but surely.

Homework and Specializing

To win by betting over a long period of time, by using Betting Tips, you have to become actually better at evaluating lines than your bookmaker. This is not an easy task at all because a professional sportsbook employs a lot of people and their primary activity is to outsmart you in assigning probabilities and lines of particular sporting outcomes.

betting tips tennisOn the other hand, there is much hope left when you think about how a firm is set up. A betting website will focus most of its resources on these segments of the website which generate most of the money. The individual sportsbooks may focus their efforts on the larger sports like NFL, by hiring a big team of employees to compile the odds. For some of the not so big sports they could use only one person to take care of the markets, or even let this person take care of several sports. And this is the situation when the bettor can gain an advantage. If you focus on a sport where your knowledge is more advanced than this of the book, you can easily win in the long run.

The longer you spend researching certain sport and its Betting Tips, the higher is the probability of winning from it by betting. In many situations, the homework about sports betting simply means watching as much of a certain sport as you can, which means it is not too hard and the more you are able to comprehend the sport and eventually predict it, the higher your chance of winning is.

Price Shopping and Betting Line

A successful sports bettor will not use only one website and will shop around persistently for the top prices and lines. Sportsbooks will offer various lines at times and the bettor who always manages to take advantage of that extra point or a half point would over a long period of time have a great advantage over the mediocre bettor who is only attached to a particular website and just one set of lines.

There are a lot of bonuses offered by sportsbooks when you register at their site which is an essential reason to open multiple accounts. By doing this, you not only get the best lines and prices but also the free money offers.

About the Importance of Discipline

You may use all of the aforementioned strategies and do pretty well, but then erase everything gained in a single night with higher alcohol consumption, or after a terrible loss on an important game. To stay disciplined is a crucial thing. You will face pretty bad runs and at times you will have the feeling that you are simply out of luck, but you should always expect a good run – so just stick to the plan and the profits will eventually come. Emptying your bankroll in one unlucky night is a betting disaster – so if you are frustrated or you have the feeling that betting after few drinks will be ok, just walk away and start over the next day.

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